History tells of an ancient society in the remote Tibetan Himalayas, where the people lived with excellent health conditions, virtually no disease, with no gray hair and complete sets of teeth. The people were said to have lived for 100 years and more. A curious doctor, traveled to study this mysterious society and found out that the rumors were indeed true, before him was a living, thriving society of extremely healthy individuals. But what baffled him was, 'how were they doing this?'.One day, he chanced upon one of the many wells were the villagers drew water from. The well had Vines with Goji Berries growing all over them. When the berries ripened, they dropped down into the water and the nutrients contained in the berries were dissolved. And when the people drank the water, they were supplied with all the nutrients they needed, and more. Thus, Goji Berry Juice was created. And Until now, people continue to enjoy the benefits of this 'superfood'. It is widely known that Goji Berries have amazing antioxidant properties and are great for your health.

Goji Berry Juice is extracted from the fruit of Lycium barbarum (Goji berries). These reddish-orange berries grow on evergreen shrubs and vines in the Tibetan Himalayas, and subtropics of Asia. Goji Berries been used for over 1,700 years in Tibet, China, and Mongolia. Believed to promote longevity and health, they are either eaten raw, dried (like raisins), blended into juice, or even as tea. Fresh Goji Berries are sweet with a small herb-like aftertaste.

Goji Berry Juice typically contains:

-6 Vitamins

-18 amino acids

-11 essential minerals

-5 carotenoids

-Numerous phenols and phytosterols

-and basically all the nutrients contained in Goji Berries

Regular intake of Goji Berry Juice, promotes healthy weight loss, strengthens legs, improves blood circulation, improves sexual fertility, and prevents premature aging. Prof. Li Qing Yen of China was recorded to have lived up to 252 years because of the regular intake of Goji berries and Goji Berry Juice; he has received 2 longevity awards in his lifetime.

So what is behind this almost miraculous age defying effect and what are antioxidants? This is because Goji Berries, the primary ingredient in Goji Berry Juice, possess a 30, 500 antioxidant level, almost three times that of pomegranate (antioxidants, prevent oxidation and fights free radicals which help deter cancer and other degenerative diseases). This makes goji berries the worlds' number 1 anti-oxidant food. And what better way to enjoy the goodness of this superfood than through a fresh blend of Goji Berry Juice?

Goji berries Juice is available in supermarkets worldwide, and even for online purchase. But one can also buy fresh Goji Berries and extract the juice. Some culinary establishments also serve Goji berry smoothies. A kilogram of Goji Berries typically costs 30 to 40 dollars in local stores and online.

The cheapest Goji Berry products can be found in local Asian stores; there you can also find dried Goji berries, Goji berry tea, and other Goji Berry-based products. Goji Berry Juice has been receiving numerous positive reviews from satisfied consumers worldwide, claiming that daily intake has also significantly improved their health, mood, and sleeping habits. And its' no surprise, after all, we wouldn't expect less from Natures' fountain of youth.